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Associate Director,Chief Pilot

Birmingham, Alabama
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Job Description


Aviation Overview

Located in Birmingham, AL (BHM) our department serves our executive team’s transportation needs in the continental US.  We support this with a team of exceptionally talented individuals which include pilots, technicians, and support personnel.  Our fleet consists of 2 Cessna Citation Sovereigns.

Job Description

This position will serve as the Supervisor of the Pilots, schedule crews, provide assistance to the VP of Aviation in his absence, and oversee all aspects of the IS-BAO program. The Chief Pilot must ensure compliance with all Federal, State, local and foreign regulations as well as company policies and procedures. This individual is the final authority in the operation of the aircraft. The Chief Pilot is the visible and actual representative of the flight crew and must act with tact and decorum while ensuring an efficient and safe operation. The Chief Pilot is responsible for the aircraft and crew from the start to the finish of any company flight. Ensures professional standards of the crew members. Participates in the Safety Management System.


  • Supervise Pilots - Serve on the department management team as representative for Pilots. Review and approve travel expenses in accordance with company and department. Foster an environment of open communication with direct reports that includes giving and receiving feedback. Oversee flight operations to ensure compliance with regulations, company policies and procedures. Coordinate crew schedules, training and vacations to obtain optimum utilization of resources and promote a positive work

environment. Assign ancillary duties to pilots. Ensure that flight crews participate in good cross functional communications, e. g. with maintenance, dispatch, etc.

  • Flight Planning- Verify departure and destination airport requirements including. Verify aircraft performance requirements and runway analysis for each departure and destination airports with dispatcher. Verify all pertinent weather information is gathered and reviewed for each flight. Compute fuel requirements to meet FAA regulations and company policy. Delegate pre-flight planning and cockpit checks to other crew members as required. Ensure that a pre-flight inspection of aircraft has been accomplished, and that all required documentation is on board aircraft before departure.
  • Post flight activities- Ensure flight related documentation is accurate and complete, e. g. flight sheets, manifests, discrepancy logs, etc. Ensure that a post-flight inspection is accomplished on the aircraft. Secure aircraft as necessary based on location and prevailing weather conditions. Ascertain that the aircraft is properly serviced and resupplied as required for the next flight (Fuel, catering, lavatory, etc.). Perform a cabin sweep after passengers deplane to ensure that no baggage or personal effects remain on board.
  • Non flight related duties- Ensure that aircraft documentation is maintained. (Flight Manuals, Approach and enroute charts, and any other pertinent documents.) Ensure flight crews stay informed on a daily basis with regard to scheduled destinations, crew assignments, passenger manifests, requirements, and transportation needs. Attend recurrent training for aircraft. Stay abreast of industry changes affecting company flight operations. Advise VP of Aviation as necessary.
  • Administrative Duties- Work directly with Dispatch manager on crew assignments. Assist in preparation of annual budget as assigned by VP of Aviation. Perform annual performance reviews for direct reports. Conduct regular pilot meetings. Submit and approve all expenses relating to flights, training or any other travel in and accurate and timely manner.















Job Code: 101098


License or Certification:

  • FAA ATP Multi-Engine Land Certificate
  • First Class FAA Medical Certificate
  • FCC Radio Operator Permit







Education, Training and Years of Experience:

  • BS/BA degree
  • Extensive Business Aviation Experience
  • A Business Aviation Aircraft Type Rating
  • Total flight time:  6000+ hours
  • PIC Jet time:  4000+ PIC hours
  • Leadership Experience
  • International Experience
  • CE-680 Type Rating (Preferred)

Address: 9001 Liberty Parkway, Birmingham 35242
Job ID: 1821040