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The VP of Marketing Services is responsible for guiding the company's brand strategy and ensuring consistent delivery through brand governance.  This position is responsible for managing the Company's reputation and driving brand awareness with key stakeholders and audiences. This position is responsible for directing and coordinating the efforts of the marketing, communications, creative and print shop teams and is responsible for planning, development and implementation of all the company¿s marketing, communications and public relations both external and internal.  This position works closely with investor relations, development and strategy, financial reporting, human resources, the national operations team, Regional VPs of business development, hospital business development directors, governmental affairs, and ITG,to prioritize and develop appropriate materials and strategic initiatives to help drive business objectives and growth.
This position interacts with national and local media for the company on a proactive and reactive basis in support of the business segments, corporate initiatives and crisis, and can also act as company spokesperson, when appropriate.  This position will support cultural diversity by promoting and maintaining an inclusive work environment and culture that is respectful and accepting of diversity.


Jobcode: 101312

License or Certification:
¿ Master of Communications, MBA, Accreditation in Public Relations or equivalent. Preferred but not required.
Education, Training and Years of Experience:
¿ BS in communications, marketing, or related field.
¿ Minimum of 15 years experience in a communications/public/media relations role with managerial experience.
¿ In-depth understanding of marketing communications and the needs of internal and external stakeholders
¿ Extensive experience in a management role to design and implement organizational and strategic communication plans.
¿ Demonstrated written and oral communications proficiency.
Essential Job Functions:
¿ Ability to create a single process management system to efficiently meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders. 
¿ Collaborate cross-functionally to ensure strategy, communication, and messaging alignment
¿ Select, train, lead, direct, guide and motivate professional and support staff to produce high quality work; skill to take corrective action as required.
¿ Create, develop and implement effective long and short-term strategic communications plans.
¿ Oversees the company¿s brand strategy and ensures consistent delivery of the brand through brand governance.
¿ Manages the brand reputation and drives brand awareness with key stakeholders and audiences.
¿ Oversees and directs the efforts of the  marketing, communications, creative and print shop departments
¿ Regularly reports to executive team and executive steering committee on brand, marketing and communication initiatives, annual planning, and goal measurement.
¿ Prepares, implements and analyzes budget for marketing, communications, creative and print shop departments.
¿ Acts as company spokesperson, when appropriate
¿ Organizes, plans, and manages time effectively to complete assignments.
¿ Completes mandatory training and courses required by completion date.
¿ Reports questionable situations, concerns, complaints or harassment immediately
Machines, Equipment Used:
¿ General office equipment such as telephone, copy machine, fax machine, calculator, computer.
Physical Requirements:
¿ Good visual acuity and ability to communicate.
¿ Ability to lift a minimum of 15 pounds and ability push/pull a minimum of 25 pounds, which includes the lifting, pushing and/or pulling of supplies and equipment.  Reasonable assistance may be requested when lifting, pushing, and/or pulling are undertaken which exceeds these minimum requirements.
Skills and Abilities:
¿ Ability to speak, read, write, and communicate effectively.
¿ Ability to coordinate, analyze, observe, make decisions, and meet deadlines in a detail-oriented manner.
¿ Ability to work independently without constant supervision.
Environmental Conditions:
¿ Indoor, temperature controlled, smoke-free environment. 
¿ Handicapped accessible.
¿ May work under stressful circumstances at times.
Proficiency or Productivity Standards:
¿ Has regular, reliable, and predictable attendance.
¿ Adheres to dress code including wearing ID badge.
¿ May be required to work weekdays and/or weekends, evenings and or night shifts if needed to meet deadlines. 
¿ May be required to work on religious and/or legal holidays on scheduled days/shifts.
¿ May be required to perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Address: 9001 Liberty Parkway, Birmingham 35242
Schedule: Full-time
Job ID: 1924228