Chief Real Estate Officer

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Job Description

The Company owns or leases over 135 inpatient rehabilitation facilities and other business or investment properties in 32 states and Puerto Rico.  The Chief Real Estate officer oversees and manages the Company's real estate portfolio and functions, including lease administration, development of new hospitals, all land purchases and sales, and all other real estate transactions required by Operations, Compliance, Development and Design & Construction.

License or Certification:
- None
Total Education, Vocational Training and Experience:
- Degree in business administration, finance, accounting, law, or equivalent, with additional real estate coursework preferred
- Minimum of  eight years experience in corporate or commercial real estate leasing, sales, or property management with emphasis on  negotiating and managing transactions
- Minimum of five years experience supervising others
- Computer proficiency in analysis, spreadsheet, and database software applications

Essential Job Functions:

- Develop and maintain a broad range of industry relationships on behalf of the Company with property owners, landlords, sellers, developers, brokers, lawyers, consultants, government agencies and others. 

- Develop and maintain knowledge of local real estate markets to identify opportunities and to meet the development and operational needs of the Company.

- Oversee the negotiation and preparation of leases, contracts, zoning applications, compliance documents, valuations, appraisals and other documents related to leases and development projects and expansion of existing projects. 

- Contribute to the development and implementation of procedures and controls to effectively monitor development activities, deal pipelines and other projects and improve processes and outcomes.

- Establish strong relationships with internal business stakeholders and build a strong understanding of strategic business direction, requirements and priorities across all departments.

- Oversee all lease administration and related negotiations, transactions, relationships and compliance requirements, and develop internal processes and procedures to monitor and implement.

- Support negotiations and relationships with joint venture partners, vendors, suppliers and referral sources.

- Contribute to meeting the Company's legal and compliance obligations and support all legal and compliance needs and activities regarding HIPAA, healthcare, environmental, securities and other laws.

- Support negotiations and processes in securing certificates of need, building and construction licenses and permits, and other governmental consents and approvals.

- Collaborate with other departments of the Company to meet the Company's strategic and operation goals, including Legal, Compliance, Operations, Development and Design & Construction.

- Understand and contribute to the development, articulation and implementation of the Company's strategic goals, including the setting of clear and appropriate priorities and interim goals and objective success measures.

- Understand organizational needs and allocate time, people and other resources accordingly.

- Anticipate needs and quickly and efficiently gather and process all relevant information from various sources.

- Analyze and interpret data under pressure and in complex situations involving conflicting demands, needs or priorities. 

- Prepare analyses and presentations related to development, zoning, new and existing projects, expansion projects, leases, and other opportunities and transactions, including project proposals, financial documents, projections, proposals, letters of intent, proformas, term sheets, budgets and feasibility studies. 

Skills and Abilities:
- Ability to speak, read, write and comprehend English.
- Ability to coordinate, analyze, observe, make decisions, and meet deadlines in a detail-oriented manner
- Superior written and verbal communication skills.
- Ability to work independently without supervision.
- Willingness to travel extensively to inspect and assess properties and to meet with local business partners, counterparties and governmental agencies.
- Ability to grasp essential legal concepts such as lease and contract interpretation, zoning, environmental, securities, title issues, compliance issues and general litigation (legal degree not required). 
- Ability to grasp essential financial and accounting concepts, including valuation issues (accounting degree not required).
- Ability to understand financial reports, valuations, appraisals, environmental reports, site plans, lease plan drawings, architectural plans, and construction documents.
- Ability to use computer software and hardware to prepare and present financial, economic and other data for project proformas and other analytical reports.

Address: 9001 Liberty Parkway, Birmingham 35242
Schedule: Full-time
Job ID: 1925172