Patient Assessment Standards Coordinator Part-time

Job Description

The Patient Assessment Standards Coordinator (PASC) will assure the accurate extraction of data from the clinical documentation. This task requires the use of discretion and independent judgment; coordination of process of providing accurate and timely data to the appropriate entities involved for Medicare patients; oversight of all aspects of data collection on the IRF-PAI; presence of supporting documentation; close partnership with Chief Nursing Office, Director of Therapy Operations, Director of Case Management, Health Info Management Services (HIMS) Director/Coder, Director of Pharmacy, and Wound Care Coordinator to ensure compliance with CMS guidelines. The PASC must educate staff on proper and accurate documentation as it applies to the IRF PAI and act as the primary resource for immediate problem solving in regards to Quality Indicator coding and IRF-PAI completion. This position requires a positive working relationship as well as serving as an educator to the medical staff.


 Ensures compliance with regulations for IRF-PAI completion, including admission/discharge QI coding.
 Works to improve process of QI coding and all other data collection specific to IRF-PAI.
 Understands impact of accurately documenting and extracting data on hospital performance.
 Understands and can teach the IRF-PAI manual for CMS compliance.
 Ensures IRF-PAI data is entered into the computer accurately.
 Ensures IRF-PAI data is transmitted to CMS/UDS within time frames specified for admission/discharge.
 Ensures confidentiality of Protected Health Information.
 Ensures accuracy of QI coding through chart reviews and observation of staff scoring performance.
 Trains staff in accurate and defendable documentation processes to support the IRF-PAI.
 Participates in Team Conference to provide input and receive patient information.
    ― Shares and receives information regarding specific patient’s condition, functional performance and goals.
 Reviews, interprets and collects data on each patient in preparation for completion of the IRF-PAI.
 Collaborates with team on identification of potential comorbidities or accurate CMG/RIC categories.
 Ensures all discharged patient records contain the required elements.
 Completes chart audit to allow for UDS export and CMS transmission within specified time frames.
 Maintains QI certification.
 Maintains tracking system with admission reference dates and IRF-PAI completion dates.
 Tracks average admission and discharge change for required documentation and compliance.
    ― Tracks changes for Self-Care and Mobility items, risk adjusted outcomes, CMI, CMGs, completion of IRF-PAI items and CMS-13 compliance.
 Analyzes data to determine if there are opportunities for improvement
 Works with leadership team to address opportunities for improvement
 Prepares and ensures completion of PAS audits and reports
    ― Ensures transmission of IRF-PAI to CMS reviews Transmission Validation Report.
    ― Maintains audit records.
 Reports questionable situations, concerns, complaints or harassment immediately.
 Completes mandatory training and courses required by completion date.
 Adheres to CMS and JC standards.
 Maintains current licensure and/or certifications, if applicable.
 Attends EHC PAS-Port to Accuracy Training (within first year in PASC role).
 Attends UDS PPS Coordinators Boot Camp (after one year in the PASC role).
 Attends UDS IRF PPS Certification (after 2 years in the PASC role).



License or Certification:
 Licensed or certified clinician: RN, LPN, PT, PTA, OT, COTA, SLP, Recreational Therapist, Respiratory Therapist, case manager/social worker
 QI Credentialed


Minimum Qualifications:
 Possesses the ability to perform assessments
 1 year experience in the healthcare setting
 Rehab or post-acute care experience preferred
 Proficient teaching and communication skills preferred

 Prior PASC or MDS experience preferred


Machines, Equipment Used:
 General office equipment such as computer/laptop, telephone, copy/fax machine, calculator, scanner, etc.
 Microsoft Office software, to include Outlook, Word, and Excel.


Physical Requirements:
 Visual acuity, speech recognition, speech clarity.
 Ability to lift, lower, push, pull, and retrieve objects weighing a minimum of 30 pounds. Reasonable assistance may be requested when lifting, pushing, and/or pulling exceeds these minimum requirements.
Skills and Abilities:
 Oral communication, written communication, fluency in English, active listening.
 Information ordering, deductive reasoning, social perceptiveness, time management, critical thinking.
 Ability to coordinate, analyze, observe, make decisions, and meet deadlines in a detail-oriented manner.
 Ability to work independently without continuous supervision.
Environmental Conditions:
 Indoor, temperature controlled, smoke-free environment.
 Handicapped accessible.
 May work under stressful circumstances at times.
Proficiency or Productivity Standards:
 Has regular, reliable, and predictable attendance and punctuality.
 Adheres to dress code including wearing ID badge.
 Adheres to Standards of Business Conduct.
 May be required to work weekdays and/or weekends, evenings and/or night shifts if needed to meet deadlines.
 May be required to work on religious and/or legal holidays on scheduled days/shifts.
 Will be required to work as necessary during disaster situations, i.e., before, during or after a disaster.
 May be required to stay after workday to assist after a disaster situation until relief arrives.
 May be required to perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.
 This position will support cultural diversity by promoting and maintaining an inclusive work environment and culture that is respectful and accepting of diversity.

Address: 12440 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville 34613
Schedule: Part-time
Job ID: 2233394